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An Apache/German-Austrian/Japanese Traditional native flute performer blogging about his trials and tribulations on creating a successful career in acting, performing, finding his identity, culture, and living in general.

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Currently living in and around the Albuquerque/Tohajiilee area trying to find my culture and my place in life. Training in Northern Kung Fu amongst other things and continuing to try and find work as an actor, wish me luck in this crazy world.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Short update. Getting a new house, so that I might afford living in Albuquerque. Roomates will be Eric and Max, both friends since childhood, and I met Eric during my short trial through college as my first roomate. Hopefully, I will not be at their throats midway through the year, or vice versa. Keep your head above water and keep listening to the winds.


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