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An Apache/German-Austrian/Japanese Traditional native flute performer blogging about his trials and tribulations on creating a successful career in acting, performing, finding his identity, culture, and living in general.

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Currently living in and around the Albuquerque/Tohajiilee area trying to find my culture and my place in life. Training in Northern Kung Fu amongst other things and continuing to try and find work as an actor, wish me luck in this crazy world.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Checking in.

Latest news, "Beyond Legend" is a go for September. Next week I have an audition for "A Whale Hunt", from what I've gathered, it's a supporting/lead role. Lastly, "Massacre at Fall Creek", currently its a book being changed into a script, my name will be tacked onto the lead role when it is submitted. From what I understand that is... This script should be finished around October/November. That is all, keep listening to the winds folks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey pony boy I left a comment on your messege of May 30th, and i want you to read it if you havent already thanks.

my e-mail is dreamdreamjules@hotmail.com


5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

new e-mail adress:


other one crashed


3:16 AM  

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